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ZARA — Tech Wizard

Zara is a technology wizard, hacker and she has all the latest gadgets. Zara loves coding all sorts of things and making her own super cool apps!

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  • SmartGurlz™ Siggy robot with Zara inspires girls to be tomorrow’s creators and leaders by teaching them to code their dolls and Siggy robots in endless fun combinations.  Our most popular doll, Zara is not only beautiful but drives a matching violet colored segway.

Definitely a collector's item!

  • Our Sugar Coded™ app connects to Siggy™ via smart phone or tablet and allows girls to break free from computers and coding camp teaching them coding through game-like adventures and missions. There’s no end to the exciting combinations that girls can create including code dances, obstacle courses, fashion shows, talent shows.  

  • Imagination, curiosity, experimentation, and problem-solving are the skills she will hone.

  • Dolls are specially made for SmartGurlz from the esteemed Kurhn Doll Company.

Please note that Siggy requires a 9-volt battery (not included). SmartGurlz highly recommends a 9-volt rechargeable battery or a Siggy Power battery pack unit.

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Top 3 Benefits of playing with Siggy Robot™

  • SPATIAL REASONING: Girls learn how to direct/orient their robots in new environments and interpret maps.

  • COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: Girls learn to program their robots using our specially made kids coding software app called SugarCodedTM*.

  • STORYTELLING & PROBLEM SOLVING: Girls learn to story tell and solve missions via coding.



Free with every purchase, SugarCoded™ is our proprietary app introduces girls to coding, games, lessons, books and learning!

Learn to code through our drag and drop interface in  a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring Smart Gurlz™ characters.

Put your new coding skills to the test driving around solving missions, learn repeat-loops, basic algorithms, and compare with your friends. Included illustrated e-books that highlight life as a chemist, computer hacker, engineer or artist.